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How to correctly do H&Ps and Consults

Too many times you see medical students, interns, residents, fellows and attendings doing an "H & P" incorrectly. Missing information, non-pertinent information, and or doing it in the wrong order. This is a brief guide to inform you how to really do a history and physical for inpatient medicine. This is a concise and useful guide. Feel free to distribute this link to anyone you know!

How to correctly do an Admission Histroy and Physical
Read the authoritative guide on how to do an H&P and impress your senior residents and attendings. Stand out from the crowd. If you are an attending, you will be able to bill a higher level of care if you follow this simple guideline.

How to correctly do a Consult
If you are starting out on a consult service, read the authoritative guide on how to properly do a Consult. It differs from an H&P, find out how and why. Impress your consultant and colleagues.

Antibiotic Guide
A Sanford Guide like guide with tables showing which drugs cover which bugs. A great resource for when you don't have your Sanford Guide with you!

ABG Calculator
If you are rusty on your ABG interpretation skills, this handy calculator can be a lifesaver!

Drug Guide
Forgot the dosing of a drug? Does that drug have side effects? A nice online drug guide that can also be accessed from any where. They also have a mobile edition that looks great on your PDA and smartphone.



History & Physical


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Antibiotic Guide

ABG Calculator

Drug Guide

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Learn how to do an H&P correctly!


Look like a superstar physician!


Don't make rookie mistakes!


Outshine your cohorts!